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We all play a part in the success and hardships of the communities we live in. Whether it is the lack of affordable housing, access to affordable and fresh produce, safe places for our children to learn new skills, or resources for the dwindling middle-class, we all want to see a turnaround. In times passed, we commonly resorted to asking that government fix the issues facing our society. We at 1 Community 4 Life are taking a different approach. 

We have put together a simple 3 component  system of combining Sponsors (Businesses), Partners (Nonprofits 501 c3 ), and Community members (tax payers) and their support, to carry out the work of alleviating the many issues we all know and experience. This is how we can make a difference not every one is able to play the same role in this mission, but every one has the opportunity to play their part, and each part is just as important as the others. It's with this mindset that we begin to understand how we are all in this together, for better or worse. Let's work on bringing forth that "better" Today for Tomorrow.

We have more than one way that members of the community can participate in the mission. Remember, we all benefit when positive growth is taking place. This also gives us the chance to build lasting legacies for the next generation of leaders.

Follow the links below to learn more about how you can be a part of the solution.

Make a Difference!

Network Sponsor

1  Community 4 Life Network Sponsorship

Becoming a Network Sponsor is one the best ways you can get active building a stronger community. This is tailored best for business owners or corporations that believe in our goals, and want to participate in tackling the issues in the communities they operate in. 

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Network partners

1 Community 4 Life Supports those Doing Good

Are you already becoming active in your area? Servants of the people need allies and support, and 1 Community 4 Life understands this fact. Becoming a Network Affiliate gives you added ability to do more of the good you already do.  

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Life Center Membership Program

1 Community 4 Life Membership Program

As we continue to add services, programs, events, and resources, we want you to benefit directly.  As a Life Center Member, your entire household gains access to all we have to offer. Your Membership helps make it all possible. 

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Volunteer In Your Community with 1 Community 4 Life

1 Community 4 Life is always going to need dedicated and motivated individuals who have a desire to put a hand to the work. Whether you are a Student, Retiree, or someone seeking a few volunteer hours, we always appreciate the help!

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Donate to 1 Community 4 Life

Here a little, there a little, every bit counts. Your donations are tax deductible and help to bring solutions to reality. You can become a one-time donor to support our work. You can also become a short-term or long-term donor. 

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