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Our Goals in Community Service

The stats would inevitably reveal the need for action, and solutions that make sense. The goals of 1C4L deal with issues that have been a daily struggle for generations among low-income families in America and beyond. Those who live the hardships are likely unaware of statistics they have become. Chronic health issues related to poverty, limited access to affordable and healthy food options, nutritional miseducation, financial illiteracy, run-ins with the justice system, and an accumulation of debt. These are just a few of a long list of problems millions of families continue to suffer from. While there are Welfare Programs and Entitlement Programs in place to serve the affected population in The United States, these services are not guaranteed to last forever, nor were they meant to. Welfare Programs are government subsidies to the poor. In order to qualify, the individual or the family must fall below a certain percentage of the federal poverty level. Entitlement Programs base eligibility on prior contributions from payroll taxes. 


There are six major Welfare Programs in The United States. They are Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Earned Income Tax Credit, Housing Assistance, Medicaid, and Food Stamps. The four major Entitlement Programs in the United States. They are Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and worker’s compensation.   


Even with these programs in place, citizens are still in lack of a few essentials that we at 1C4L see the increasing need for. This brings us to Our Goals that we are going to achieve with community service and the combined efforts of dedicated community members. 

"Unity is strength, division is weakness." 
~Swahili proverb
"Unity is strength, division is weakness." ~Swahili proverb

3 Goals for Community Achievement

Our Goals at 1 Community 4 Life

1. Increase Financial Literacy and Responsibility

Debt and inadequate finances rob us of our ability to build wealth, and is one of the biggest obstacles in attaining financial freedom. An inability to manage money keeps families in a cycle of  wanting and needing, but not having. Through financial literacy and proper money management, debt is eliminated and community members will have extra resources to invest back into their community and the future of their children. Achieving this goal will also give us the advantages necessary to create more business owners and introduce new career paths. 

2. Increase Health and Wellness

Poverty and scarcity are open channels for chronic illness, disease, mental and emotional stress, and addiction. Increasing health, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, produces more able and sound individuals. Becoming nutritionally informed combined with physical activity, gives practical knowledge that generates positive habits and healthy choices. Creating an environment that encourages healthy conversations and communication gives us stronger families, a united community, and effective leaders. By gardening and learning of our relationship with nature, we will create access to healthier food options, and provide community members with self-sufficiency, while increasing life expectancy among low-income citizens. 

3. Community Development

In order to create a network that sustains an abundant life for all, this organization is seeking to build locally, nationally, and eventually internationally. Meeting our first two goals gives us the capacity to do so. Forming Chapters in multiple locations helps in realizing our vision of a brighter future for our children to inherit. Financially stable and healthier communities provides the tools, resources, relationships, and facilitation to insure continual success for generations to come. Affordable housing, organic gardens, safe places for our youth and families to grow and learn, and businesses that open up new job and career opportunities. These are development projects that will require, focus, and encourage unity and peace. This is 1 Community 4 Life. Your Nonprofit organization.

Let's Achieve These Goals Together

We have more than one way that members of the community can participate in the mission. Remember, we all benefit when positive growth is taking place. This also gives us the chance to build lasting legacies for the next generation of leaders. 

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About 1 community 4 Life

Our Vision

1Community4Life (1C4L)

  In our efforts to create a network that sustains an abundant life for all, we seek to establish facilities within local communities. Our focus first and foremost are the three components of community, Businesses, Service Providers, and the Tax Payers. While establishing Life Centers and having organized Networks in multiple communities, this will breath life into our vision of a brighter future for our children to inherit. Creating financially responsible and healthier communities provides families with the tools, resources, relationships, and support they deserve to ensure continual success for generations to come.