Become A Sponsor


In an effort to reach out in as many ways as possible, 1 Community 4 Life  is working to build a strong network of sponsors who support the work that we do, the goals of the organization, and have a desire to take an active role in their communities economic growth . Network Sponsors are vital to the mission and they increase our ability to maintain all aspects of operation.

Network Sponsors typically consist of 3 groups: 

  •  Businesses and Business Owners     
  •  Private Sponsors/Donors 
  •  Corporate Sponsors  


Network Sponsors Monthly sponsorship donations are the foundation of establishing Life Centers. Donations play a vital role in helping cover operational cost of running our organization and community watch program in partnership with local authorities. We put those funds to use, right back into your community. 1 Community 4 Life is a fully registered and trademarked 501(c)(3), so donations are tax deductible. While there are many reasons to join us as a Network Sponsor, the biggest one is participating in improving the condition of the communities you do business in.  

  • If would like to become a sponsor in the network or  receive more information regarding becoming a Network Sponsor send an email to   ira.thomas@1community4life or call (206) 717-4311