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Become a Network Affiliate with 1 Community 4 Life.

Become a Network Affiliate

Are you already becoming active in your area?  Servants of the people need allies and support, and 1 Community 4 Life understands this fact. Becoming a Network Affiliate gives you added ability to do the good you already do, and do even more. 1C4L is a hub which connects the people to the services, resources, and those a part of The Network. With our goal to reach local, national, and international communities, we need Network Affiliates that are as diverse as the communities they serve.   

Read more below to see how partnering can benefit us all.

What we do for our Network Affiliates

  • Marketing 
  • Fundraising 
  • Promotional Support
  • Event Hosting 
  • Facilitation     

What Network Affiliates do

  • Focus on their programs and services 
  • Be ready for growth 
  • Provide high quality service for Community Members  

How Network Affiliates benefit from our partnership

  • Reach more of their target demographic 
  • Gain the freedom to do their work and leave the rest to us
  • More public exposure 
  • Increase use of their services 
  • Get connected with others in The Network   
  • and  more.

Additional Information

We are extremely thankful for all you leaders that have stepped up and organized. Like you, we understand that working together is where our strength lies. 1C4L is always looking for other non-profits with a similar mission as ours, and a passion for bringing stability and healing to our community. 

Our goals intend to cover a lot of ground, but with the added partnership with other dedicated organizations, we can help each other accomplish much more!  

If you are a registered non-profit and would like more information, or are interested in  organizing  a non-profit and partnering with 1C4L, contact us.


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If you want more information on partnering with 1 community 4 Life, feel free to contact us!


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