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We thank you and welcome your donations while raising the funds needed to establish our first life center facility in a local community, we are actively meeting with community members while working hard to build a strong network. 

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Establishing  Life centers within communities will play a vital role, as a hub and central welfare program within the community this will relieve the stress and tight budgets of those tax payers who help so many others, while they are struggling, and in most cases, on the brink of needing  assistance they may not otherwise qualify for themselves. By being the hub in the community supported by community members, and both for-profit and non-profit organizations, results in community restoration, and creates the possibility for a healthy and strong network for individuals and families. By establishing a strong network of Community Members (taxpayers), Network Sponsors (small businesses and corporate sponsors), and Network Affiliates(nonprofit partners). Together this will save our communities, restore hope in many futures, and create healthier and equal opportunities for Community Members, Network Partners and our Sponsors. 

 It's because of your support  as community members, and the generous sponsorship of our Network Sponsors we will establish Life Centers in Communities throughout multiple cities in our country and abroad.


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 1Community4Life is a family, goal oriented organization.  We strive with purpose and diligence to work together within local communities to build a network that fosters an abundant life for all. 


   With poverty leading citizens to scarcity and homelessness, our overall focus is to re-educate the misinformed, rebuild strong family dynamics, and reintroduce healthy habits and mindsets.