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This is 1 Community 4 Life. Your Non-profit Organization.

About Us


 1Community4Life is a family, goal oriented organization.  We strive with purpose and diligence to work together within local communities to build a network that fosters an abundant life for all. 


   With poverty leading citizens to scarcity and homelessness, our overall focus is to re-educate the misinformed, rebuild strong family dynamics, and reintroduce healthy habits and mindsets. 

About 1 community 4 Life

Our Vision

1Community4Life (1C4L)

  In our efforts to create a network that sustains an abundant life for all, we seek to establish facilities within local communities. Our focus first and foremost is the tax payer in the lower middle class. (1C4L) Life Centers planted in multiple communities helps in realizing our vision of a brighter future for our children to inherit. Creating financially responsible and healthier communities provides families with the tools, resources, relationships, and support to ensure continual success for generations to come.  

Your community funded organization established to bring relief and change.

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Kent, Washington, United States

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